AW 250 R Review

AW250 R
"I remember the first day I installed the AW250 R in my house. I still can't believe that I lifted an amp weighing 39kg by myself because I wanted to hear the sound quickly. I turned on the amp and waited almost an hour before listening to Shostakovich No. 5. It was a calm, clean, yet rich tone. It was the same as the touch of Shostakovich No. 5, which I heard at Musikferrain in Vienna, Austria last May. It was not the type that showed off the output, but the type of amplifier that gave fast speed and accurate hitting. And it was quiet, heavy, and firm. In this hi-fi club watching room, I turned up the volume to my heart's content, and the AW250R's inner feelings and hidden abilities were newly discovered. That was the ample headroom, and it was the feel of a smooth reproduction without any distortion even at high volume. Again, the AW250 R reminded me that the key to the amplifier is how to overcome the speed and distortion problems. Recommended."